What are 360 videos?

360 videos, or VR videos create an immersive and memorable experience that provides the user with a feeling of “being there” .

A 360 VR video production places the user in the scene and allows them to explore the full 360 degrees.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a VR headset to view 360 videos. They can be viewed on any device, including mobile.

The viewer can scroll or swipe across the screen to explore the entire scene.

Have a go with one of our VR videos below. Be sure to full screen the video for the best experience:



360 video of Anthony Joshua training – produced by Immersion VR


VR is great for business!

In the Thomas Cook Try Before you Fly campaign, people who watched virtual holidays were 180% more likely to buy a holiday. The Thomas Cook’s Westfield Stratford store branch manager Peter Ryan said:

“It’s helping us to close sales. The shop has outperformed compared with the previous year and we’re up in terms of sales. VR has helped improve sales and our customer experience.”
Source: ttgmedia.com

Thomas Cook took advantage of VR video production to boost their sales
Thomas Cook’s sales soared as a result of VR

VR videos create such an overwhelmingly positive responsive with the public.

At Immersion VR, we believe in the technology and it’s use as a marketing tool. What’s more, the stats don’t lie.

360 videos create memorable experiences and unique brand engagement.

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VR is a great educational tool!

As well as being great for business, VR is used by schools, universities, and museums to educate and inspire.

360 videos are exciting and engaging, and they spark peoples imagination.

They make any subject instantly exciting with their unique ability to immerse you in their surroundings.

VR videos can be produced for use as a great educational tool
Say goodbye to the blackboard!

VR can even be used for team building where just like in schools, it can be used to create an interactive space that encourages collaboration.

VR videos are only limited to the imagination of their producers!

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With YouTube and Facebook now supporting 360 video, interest in VR is growing.

360 videos provide excellent user engagement as they place the viewer at the centre of the story.

Thanks to social media, your VR videos have the potential to reach millions of people.

VR video productions provide excellent user engagement on social media
VR videos provide excellent user engagement on social media

VR videos can be uploaded to social media platforms as easily as a normal video. The videos can then be easily embedded on your website to create a lasting impression with your visitors.

There are two types of VR video production, monoscopic and stereoscopic.

Monoscopic video is viewed just like a regular video on any device. This is the type of video we typically produce for use on social media.

Stereoscopic video produces two different images, one for each eye. A VR headset is required to view this type of video but it does offer a more immersive experience.

At Immersion VR, we have expertise in both types of 360 video production and we produce videos for a wide range of applications.

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Pop up VR exhibitions can be used to great effect at events, festivals, and trade shows.

They stand out from the crowd and quickly get the public talking about your brand.

VR stands spark interest and people get excited to give it a go. We’ve seen it so many times!

VR video production provides an excellent user experience at events and fesivals
VR is a big hit with guests at events

Here at Immersion VR, we can produce bespoke 360 video content for your brand.

We can even help you at the event, setting up and supervising the VR stand.

We work closely with you to deliver the perfect package, whatever your brand or event.